UNBOXING: Shark Week Survival Kit

This post and unboxing is all about Shark Week. No, not the one on the Discovery Channel. The one that 50% of the world's population experiences once each month. If you aren't with me yet, I'm talking about periods. That's menstruation for all of you biology nerds out there.

Actual pic of me in search of cheese fries & chocolate

Actual pic of me in search of cheese fries & chocolate

There's so much shame and secrecy surrounding something that is literally responsible for all of human existence. Now I'm not saying I'm about to throw a parade each and every time the "full moon rises" but I am grateful that the Shark Week Survival Kit is changing the conversation and giving women healthy, natural alternatives. 

The feminine care industry is FULL of products with harmful chemicals and dyes that are harmful for women's bodies. These become even more unhealthy when you consider that we are placing them in or around our most sensitive parts. Shark Week Survival Kit has candles, body oils, bath bombs, tea, and everything your PMSing heart (or uterus) could desire; without all of the harmful ingredients used by the big name brands. Each and every product is natural, locally sourced, and smells damn amazing. 

If you have a uterus, you need to give the Shark Week Survival Kit a try.

If you know someone who has a uterus, get yourself 102340923 brownie points and gift them some Shark Week Survival Kit goodness. 

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