What is an Image Consultant?


If you find yourself asking this question, trust me, you’re in good company. Whenever I first introduce myself as an Image Consultant, I usually get one of two reactions. The first, and less common reaction, is that someone actually knows what I do for a living and responds with, “Oh! That’s great!” If someone is familiar with the role of an Image Consultant, then they usually ask me a question about their own style, or about my current projects. The second reaction I get is the most common. I introduce myself and career and I watch as their eyes glaze over, their eyebrows furrow a bit and they nod; either really quickly or unnaturally slow. This second group is doing their best to be polite and express interest, but for all they know, I could just be making everything up. Every now and then, I meet someone who doesn’t understand my job and actually gets up the guts to ask me what it is that I do. If you’re reading this article, you are one of the curious ones. I already like you.


Let’s get down to actually answering your question. What is an Image Consultant? An Image Consultant refines and updates your image. My role is to empower individuals to present themselves confidently and, as a result, achieve more. I accomplish this through updating or refining their image. Image can include anything from your haircut or color, skincare, makeup, clothing, style, and the colors you wear. A Personal Stylist is similar in their job description, but tends to focus on the clothing category. As an Image Consultant, my role also includes updating or adjusting the way you speak, communicate and even your body language. It includes everything about presenting yourself well and showcasing the things about you that are already amazing. My goal is never to change my clients, but to enhance their best qualities and downplay their insecurities.


Due to the variety of categories I’m trained to address, my career is never boring and there is plenty of variety. I can go from working with clients one-on-one, to teaching a workshop, to presenting at a conference. In the corporate realm, I often present at employee on-boarding events to make sure new employees are representing themselves and their new company well. Professional development seminars are another popular service that I provide to educate current employees. On the personal image side, I work with clients to determine which colors bring out their best features, which clothing shapes flatter their figure, how to update their hair and makeup and much more. As an Image Consultant, I’m essentially a one-stop-shop for all things involving your look and presenting your best self. So next time you meet an Image Consultant, or see the faces of confusion from those who don’t know but are afraid to ask, drop some wisdom on them and know that you’ve got the answer to, “What is an Image Consultant?”

Happy Styling!


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