Why you Need a "Style Uniform"

As an Image Consultant, I work with clients every day to determine their best coloring, develop their signature style, and help them highlight their best features. While most clients expect those types of advice, they are always surprised when I recommend that they adopt what I call a "Style Uniform." There is a stigma that stylists are always pushing for radical combinations and experimenting with new trends; however, this is only possible with an unlimited budget and really only makes sense if you are a model or celebrity. For the rest of us, building  a career, relationship, household, family or all of the above, adopting a style uniform will make your life SO much easier. 


Growing up I attended several private schools, all of which had a uniform policy. If you're thinking plaid skirts, button up shirts, cardigans and knee socks; you absolutely nailed it. I remember people asking me all the time if I felt that the required school uniforms inhibited my ability to express myself. In my experience, nothing could be further from the truth. Wearing the uniform was not only an equalizer among students but people had to get to know ME and focus on the person,  rather than the clothes. Now, I'm not saying we should all wear school uniforms all the time; instead, that I believe the primary purpose of excellent fashion and style is to bring out the person underneath the threads.  

I rocked that plaid for over a decade and getting dressed in the morning was a breeze. Here's can you bring the ease of wearing a uniform into your life. Think about what you spend the majority of your life doing. Is it working in a specific industry? Caring for a family? Climbing the corporate ladder? Whatever it is that you spend most of your time doing should determine the kind of uniform you need. You style uniform should be build of pieces you like, that flatter your figure and that make sense for your activities. For me, as an Image Consultant and mom to three, my wardrobe is split between two uniforms. When working, you can always find me in a great fit-and-flare dress, with moderate heels and a sharp blazer or jacket. When it's time for me to switch to mom mode, my go-to is a great fitting pair of straight-leg jeans, classic striped t-shirt and brightly colored Toms or flats. 


Your style uniform might be a black blazer, button down shirt, skinny jeans and loafers. Your uniform might be all the floral frilly dresses you can get your hands on or a power three-piece-suit in midnight navy pinstripes. Whatever style you land on, purchase similar pieces and shapes to build into that uniform so you always have something smart to wear. I have at least 15 fit-and-flare dresses in a variety of colors, prints, and patterns because that is the foundation of my work style uniform. Make it work for you and for your life. When you aren't worried about the style, fit, or outfit combinations that look great on you, then your accomplishments, personality and ambition can outshine every style. 

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