WARDROBE REVIVAL: Guest Expert and Live Coaching!

Hey there Etch readers and fans! I am so excited to be partnering with Life Coach Emily Stamets as a guest expert in her online course, “Wardrobe Revival.”

The best news for you? There is still time to join! It's the perfect start to the new year and getting your mind and closet aligned for success.

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Need more convincing? Read on!

Just imagine...

.. feeling like your most favorite Self in your clothes, every single day


... never again crying frustrated tears as you dig through your closet for something - anything! -  to wear


... confidently owning the story your clothes are telling the world


... having a clear Vision for what belongs in your closet, and a budget-friendly plan to acquire the perfect pieces to fill out your authentically-you wardrobe


It's possible!


But not if you focus on how you look in your clothes, like most style/wardrobe/closet clearing programs out there.


Because let's be real: that puts all the power in the eyes of other people! (and who wants to spend all day thinking about apples-pears-bananas and dressing for your age, anyway?!)


Instead, in Wardrobe Revival, we take a theatrical, character-based costume design approach to your styling system - way more fun and way more likely to have you walking out the door feeling awesome, every damn day.

Instead of focusing on how you look in your clothes, we focus on how you feel!


Here's the Wardrobe Revival process in a nutshell:

  • identify the roles you play in your life, and describe the qualities of each role

  • clear out any pieces in your wardrobe that don't radiate with those amazing qualities

  • organize what's left so it feels good to get dressed every day

  • make a plan to acquire the pieces you still need

Join the Wardrobe Revival today, and you'll get everything you need to unclutter, redesign and refine your wardrobe, including:

  • 4 weekly live video coaching & design sessions to guide you through the process Wardrobe Revival process

  • weekly design assignments to keep you diving, delving, and digging

  • 4 weeks of daily support in our exclusive Facebook group 

All for just $47

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Alycia Anderson