3 Secrets to Wearing your Best Colors

Wearing your best colors can make you look younger, healthier, and more interesting. When you wear a color that doesn’t work for you, it has the opposite effect. In the wrong color, you suddenly look tired, your skin appears uneven, and your hair and eyes will look dull. Yikes! If you’re not sure which colors are best suited for your features, it can be overwhelming to shop or put together an outfit.

While having a full color analysis done is the most accurate way to know your exact color palette, it’s also the most expensive. Without diving into undertones, color temperature, chroma, and all of the complex pieces of a full analysis, I’ve made it simple. I am sharing my three easy steps to know when a color is working for you or against you.

The Three S’s of Color

Skin Tone: When this color is held up just under your chin or next to your face, does it compliment your skin tone?
•    Does your skin appear more even and smooth? It’s a go. 
•    Does this color bring out blemishes or blotches? It’s a no. 

Sparkle: When this color is held up next to your eyes, does it make them sparkle?
•    Does this color bring out the striking blue, green, or grey in your eyes? Does this color showcase the golden warmth or depth in your brown or hazel eyes? It’s a go. 
•    Does this color make your eyes appear dull or tired? It’s a no. 

Shine: The best colors for you will boost your shine factor.
•    Do the whites of your eyes and your teeth appear whiter and brighter? Does your hair appear shiny and dimensional? It’s a go.
•    If your eyes or hair look dull or flat: It’s a no. 

There you have it! Remember these steps the next time you are shopping or organizing your wardrobe to look, and feel great in your best colors.  

Happy Styling!

Alycia Anderson
Image Consultant