Makeup Mistakes you Might be Making

For those of us who choose to wear makeup, it’s important that you avoid these all too common makeup mishaps.

Here are some makeup mistakes you might be making:


You will probably buy concealer to hide those dark circles. However, you have to keep in mind that proper application of concealer is a must. Apply it in an upside-down triangle shape below the eye to achieve a natural look with a brightening effect at the same time. Also make sure that the concealer you buy has the same undertone as the rest of your skin. If it comes across as too yellow, green or pink it becomes more distracting than what you were initially trying to conceal.


Thanks to the over-lining technique made widely popular by Kylie Jenner, lip liner is making it’s biggest comeback since the 90s. If you choose to use lip liner, keep the shade close to your natural lip color and fill in your lips ENTIRELY. Then layer lipstick or gloss over the top. If you don’t fill in your lips, once the lip color fades, what’s left is an unflattering ring around your mouth.


Using foundation all over your face is not ideal on a daily basis and could be clogging your pores. Ideally, focus on trouble spots including the T-zone, the area around the nose and under the eyes, to conceal any blemishes or uneven skin-tone while letting the rest of your skin breathe. For big events where you want to wear a full face of foundation, make sure you invest in a product that won’t irritate your skin and is the correct shade. Sephora, Ulta and MAC Cosmetics will perform a shade match for free, even if you don’t buy anything in store.


Even though Instagram and YouTube have made contouring all the rage, the application of blush sometimes gets left in the 1980s era of doll-like circles or solid pink stripes blending into your hairline. To properly apply blush, smile and sweep a small amount onto just the apples of your cheeks. Make sure it is properly blended!


No amount of makeup application skills can combat the effects of bad lighting. If you don’t have a makeup lamp, do your best to apply your makeup in natural lighting. Park yourself in front of a window with a mirror and go to town!

Style ScienceAlycia Anderson